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The Pharmex production centre can be found situated in the Cordovan town of Almodovar del Rio (Cordoba) and features a total floor area of over 24,000 metres², around 900m² of which are destined to the PharmexCare cosmetics manufacturing facilities and divided into different production rooms and areas.

The Pharmex manufacturing plant has a modular layout, with an innovative design, made up of independent areas within the very manufacturing plant. One of these is the PharmexCare cosmetics area.

Pharmex is one of the most versatile companies within the cosmetics sector in terms of rearding production due to its great ability to manufacture a wide range of products/lines within the cosmetics world such as creams, gels, sun creams, serums, toners, shampoos, lipsticks, etc.

Pushing ahead with the plant’s improvement policy, 2019 saw the launch of an ambitious project for improving the facilities and machinery in order to make way for the production of new cosmetics products within the PharmexCare line.

This expansion, aside from increasing general production and storage capacity, will also allow for the development of a new range of cosmetics products that the PharmexCare brand will introduce at its plant in Cordoba.

Currently, the Pharmex Care cosmetics manufacturing area consists of 9 standalone production rooms:

1. Formula room for creams and gels.

2. Formula room for liquids and toners.

3. Dosing room for plastic tubes.

4.  Fosing room for pots and containers.

5. Secondary packaging area.

6. Storage area for heavy products.

7. Wash area.

8. Area for process control and testing.

The manufacturing plant boasts the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate, guaranteeing the production and control of high-quality, low-cost specialities. The ISO 9001 and ISO22716 certificates are also currently being requested.




Pharmex Care has the necessary equipment for developing new cosmetics products which it sells across the different markets.

Pharmex Care’s professional RDI team analyses the suitability of the lots in development which are to be featured in their future cosmetics products.