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“Natural skincare driven by science”

At PharmexCare, we understand “beauty” as the union between nature and science, for which we have come up with a relativistic expression that is not linked to time or space.

Our purpose is to improve beauty from inside out.

For Us, it is essential to be conscious of the established values and abide them, as they will allow us to become both a leading company and a reference in the cosmetics market.

Therefore, we are looking for

RESPONSIBLE individuals, capable of fulfilling their assigned tasks in a proactive and committed manner. We support people who possess leading skills and who are capable of making decisions while facing any difficulties that may arise. We need to put in 200% of our effort!

AGILITY is an indispensable trait, as the beauty world is constantly changing. For this particular reason, it is important to be as fast and efficient as one can be while performing our daily duties. It is essential to be prepared and all set at any time!

We believe in people who put their hearts into everything they do and in those who are PASSIONATE in their day-to-day so as to reach excellence, and who value those who seek to go beyond the conventional and established.

In our view, RESPECT is fundamental in the pursuit of creating a diverse and humble working environment, in which we empower our Team and appreciate the qualities that make them unique. We embrace the difference!

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