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Dec 13

El Mundo Zen recommends gifting OLAND’s Super Radiance Elixir this Christmas for radiating and renovating skin!

Boast radiant and renewed skin, thanks to its great antioxidant and depigmenting power in all skin types (from the most sensitive to the most oily), the trendiest ingredient.
At OLAND Cosmetics, a brand of high-quality certified organic anti-ageing cosmetics, we did not want to renounce the high efficacy of Niacinamine in our anti-ageing line and we have found an organic ingredient in nature that offers all the benefits of this acclaimed principle: Organic Beech Sprout Extract.
This multifunctional ingredient is part of the #SuperRadianceElixir formula, an intensive beauty treatment that promotes cell renewal, minimises wrinkles and activates collagen production. It also fights age spots thanks to the inhibition of tyrosine by our potent organic ingredients and provides instant radiance thanks to its gold particles, leaving the skin velvety smooth and radiant with a feeling of freshness.

Link to article: https://www.elmundo.es/album/vida-sana/bienestar/2021/12/10/61b33937e4d4d8fe298b457f_3.html

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