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Oct 06

Our CEO, Marta Soler tells Marie Claire everything there is to know about OLAND Cosmetics.

This July, discover all about the organic alternative to anti-ageing cosmetics in Marie Claire magazine, thanks to our CEO Marta Soler MuletOLAND Cosmetics, “Natural and organic offering advantages for the consumer’s skin and for the planet”.


The organic alternative to anti-ageing cosmetics. This is how Marta Soler defines her firm of certified organic products. All with the aim of caring for the skin with maximum affinity and effectiveness and being environmentally responsible.

The mission of OLAND (OrganicLAND) is to offer an environmentally and skin-responsible beauty experience through formulas that include more than 95% of ingredients that come from organic crops.

What does the brand consist of? OLAND has a range of 8 products that go beyond the “natural” label, demonstrating that the fusion between technology and nature is an excellent combination for skin care if it also offers an effective anti-ageing treatment.

How do you produce your products? They are manufactured in Switzerland, with a partner who offers us maximum confidence as they are experts in organic cosmetics and have the Natrue certificate, which guarantees that all products contain more than 95% organic ingredients.

Have you seen consumer’s interest in this type of cosmetics grow in recent times? Without a doubt. Both sustainability and natural products are clear trends in the cosmetics market, and we can see more than ever that they influence consumers in their final purchase decision.

What advantages do you find in natural cosmetics? Natural and organic. For us it is important that the consumer knows the difference between natural and organic. The advantages are for the skin and for the planet. It is important to be responsible about the impact that each ingredient has on our skin and to try to make our products as organic as our body is. As well as the production process, harvesting, packaging, etc., trying to respect mother nature and maintain its essence.


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