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Apr 22

How to get great hair with your Personalised Shampoo

Discover how to get great hair with your ME ALL ABOUT ME Personalised Shampoo from GQ Magazine.
The treatment adapts to the exact needs of your hair so you can show off your mane 24/7. The ultimate expression of hair luxury.

There are thousands of shampoos on the market adapted to all types of hair and hair problems. Some combat dandruff, others reduce frizz, there are nourishing, exfoliating, moisturizing, or repairing shampoos; to beautify grey hair or cover it, to reinforce the anchorage of the hair fiber, those that give volume and density to fine hair, and those that regulate excess sebum… So why is it so hard to find the perfect shampoo?

The answers to this question are many and varied. Firstly, because we men have a very strange relationship with our hair and nothing is good enough to take care of it.

At this point you have two alternatives: combine the use of several shampoos every other day, depending on what your hair demands at any given time, or design the formula yourself and customize it to your specific needs.

Among the different brands that allow you to create formulas from scratch, we have chosen ME ALL ABOUT ME because we share and make our own one of their founding principles: “We are not clones, nor do we live in identical places, nor do we have the same habits or eat the same food”. In other words, each individual is completely unique and your hair care routine should be tailored to your own uniqueness.

Get yours here.

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