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Feb 23

Marta Soler Mulet CEO PharmexCare; Top 100 Women Leaders Candidate.

Our CEO, Marta Soler Mulet, has been among the candidates to join the top 100′ women leaders in Spain in the category of High Direction, which has been produced annually since 2011 by the organization Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain (promoted by the magazine Mujeres&Cía and Mercedes Wullich) with the aim of “making female talent visible in order to build a society based on equality”.

Marta is currently the CEO of PharmexCare, a company belonging to the Swiss group Pharmex Group Holding SA having been responsible for creating the company and leading it to launch 4 brands internationally in 2 years. Marta enjoys her role at PharmexCare, innovating and developing new and innovative brands for the world.

With over 20 years of experience in strategic and leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and beauty sectors, she has achieved great professional success in a variety of therapeutic areas in Cosmetics and Personal Care, Pain, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Urology, and Women’s Health, Psychiatry, Venous Disease, Haematology, and Oncology.

PharmexCare focuses on innovation and the development of our own new cosmetic brands in order to meet the trends and needs of a broad spectrum of beauty consumers worldwide. PharmexCare focuses its efforts on developing and implementing different strategies targeting different destinations, regions, cultures, and ages to help us achieve our goals.

Marta Soler declares that “it is a real honor to be part of this cast of professional women, extraordinary and brilliant in their careers”, and has highlighted that the ranking prepared by Top 100 Women Leaders fulfills “an important task of disseminating female talent in our country”.

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